Our Story

I’m the Mom of MAMAN New York. Well, I’m also the mom of 5 beautiful children who, by now, each have children of their own.  

Feel free to call me grandma 🙂

You see, my little ones brought so much blessing into my life… but there was one downside: my personal style was taking a tailspin. Time and time again I realized that I was forced to choose between the two: “good mom” or “good-looking”. I remember having to choose between a chic diaper bag and a practical one; between a stylish stroller and a functional one. The stylish stroller could not (for the life of me!) fold properly. The high-end bags could not put up with my kids’ sticky hands and leaking juice bottles. 

I was really dismayed by this reality and just knew there must be a better way for moms to look the way they deserve to look. But- I was too busy to do anything about it at the time. My hands were full! Now, however, as I watch my children struggle with the same problem… I decided to step up to the plate. As a designer by profession and mom at heart- I did. MAMAN was born.  It’s where fashion meets function.

Enjoy our products. Enjoy your baby.

Best wishes,

Cindy Green

Mom of MAMAN